Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel by GOSH cosmetics

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In the age of “on fleek” eyebrows, GOSH cosmetics is giving us a hand.

I’ve always had pretty thick eyebrows and proudly so. When the popular girls started plucking their eyebrows into thin little lines in high school, I made the decision to be the odd one out and keep my bushy brows. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you mess too much with your brows (or any hair really), it’ll never be great again. Now, GOSH cosmetics developed Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel to help us keep our eyebrows looking glamorous on a daily basis.


No-one was obsessed with eyebrows a couple of years ago. Let’s face it, it wasn’t something that was focused on. Those days are long gone and there are a multitude of products to keep our eyebrows in check. We now have extra pressure on us to have great brows all the time too.

I recently discovered GOSH cosmetics Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel, which gives my brows a subtle tint. At the same time, it fills them and keeps them in place all day. That sounds pretty basic, but it actually makes a big difference.

  • GOSH Sculpting Brow Gel
  • GOSH Sculpting Brow Gel
  • GOSH Sculpting Brow Gel

There are several reasons why I feel like it is one of the better brow products I have used:

  • Perfume and paraben free – BONUS
  • Keeps brow hair in place all day
  • Contains fibres that build eyebrows and add volume
  • Lightly tint and fills eyebrows
  • Contains seaweed rich in antioxidants that nourishes brow hairs

What makes it even greater is that you only need a little bit, which means the product is good quality and it’ll last a long time. The packaging is also pretty cute, and is small enough to fit in any overstuffed makeup bag.

I get a lot of compliments on my brows since I started using it, and thus would recommend it to anyone.

Below is what my brows look like before and after I apply the brow gel.

  • GOSH Brow gel before
  • GOSH brow gel after

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