Date night at Churchills

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The boyfriend and I went to Churchills for date night.

We wanted to get out, let our hair down for a bit and forget about the hustle of year end. Churchills in Melrose Arch is generally very busy over weekends where those who don’t want to go clubbing get together in an up-market pub to catch up and relax. During the week it’s much less packed and is perfect for a drink or two and indulge in the hearty gastro meals.

We made ourselves cosy in one of the booths and snuggled up for a night of chats and laughter.

There’s a couple of things I really like about Churchills…especially during the week when you can appreciate it all. The dark wood and leather interior, the fact that it reminds me of being back in the UK, the music isn’t too loud, so you can actually have conversations; and the friendly and efficient staff.

Churchills bar
Churchills bar

We ordered the Harry’s Platter which has lamb chops, crumbed chicken strips, onion rings and arancini rice balls. We also had a portion of jalapeno poppers. The platter is meant for two, but the portions are big! We couldn’t finish it. Obviously, we got this platter because it had meat for Mark and vegetarian options for me. The meat was apparently perfectly prepared and delicious, while the onion rings were huge, light and not greasy at all; and the arancino balls was an absolute treat. The jalapeno poppers were a bit too hot for my liking, but they were tasty! If you’re into hot food, you’ll definitely enjoy it. The platter goes really well with a bubble of bubbly.

Harry's Platter
Onion rings
arancini balls
jalapeno poppers

We had a great night and if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed than a restaurant for date night, consider Churchills.

Melrose Arch is lit up by wonderful Christmas lights at the moment and it worth it making a night of it. We had dinner and drinks; and then took a stroll through the lights, finishing up the night with cup of hot chocolate.

Happy holidays!

Christmas lights Melrose Arch
Christmas lights Melrose Arch
Christmas lights Melrose Arch
Christmas lights Melrose Arch

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