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B&B’s Story


Breadsticks & Blush was born out of love for two things


That might sound basic, but I am all about keeping things simple. It’s about scrumptious and easy vegetarian food, that often gets a bad reputation for being boring and bland. It’s about recipes cooked with love with the aim to nourish the body and warm the heart, and reviewing restaurants so you know where they actually cater for you (properly). I promise you that I don’t make everything from scratch either, sometimes we need a little pre-made help, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The ingredients I use are easy to find, so it’s time saving and won’t break the bank.

Join me on my journey


Some blogs make beauty often far too complicated and time consuming, and as a career woman, I frankly just don’t have the time. I want to make it quick, easy and you’ll still look and feel great…with some spoils and treats thrown in from time to time.

About Anne


Anne Doli is a PR consultant by trade; but also a freelance writer, blogger, passionate amateur cook (definitely not a foodie), not so bad photographer, avid tea drinker and is easily distracted by lipsticks, blush and mascara. Like all women, Anne Doli is multi-faceted and likes to explore her many interests. As a PR consultant, she finds satisfaction in the ever-changing nature of the industry and the many new opportunities digital keeps adding to Public Relations.

Although she’s been a vegetarian all her life (from birth), this does not define who she is. She is however on a journey to educate people that vegetarians actually do eat, contrary to popular belief, and that their food can be delicious too. And no, we aren’t all tree-hugging weirdos. If Anne Doli can stop one person from asking questions like “But what do you eat?” or “Do you eat fish or chicken?”, she would view her mission as a success.

Her love for beauty products started as a teenager when her mom enrolled her in finishing school and hasn’t stopped. She prides herself on being able to look good in a flash, because let’s face it…she doesn’t know anyone with the time to spend hours contouring, “baking their makeup” or faffing around. She would rather sleep an extra hour in the mornings. That’s why Breadsticks & Blush (B&B) mostly focuses on beauty for the busy woman.

Anne Doli was one of the original South African bloggers and started her first one in 2009. Having blogged about everything from relationships, fashion and lifestyle, she returns to vegetarian food and beauty with B&B.